About Wabapi

WAB API service is used to send Whatsapp Message over HTTP request.

WAB API service is designed to send transactional messages over Whatsapp and to integrate with CRM, ERP or website of existing business. It can be used to send text and files dynamically and quickly from any application and using any technology.

Currently We Support text and all whatsapp supported files.

It can be used in many projects such as CRM, to send news updates to news portal subscribers.

It can be use for Whatsapp chatbot Development.

Our service is not based on any third party API which are not reliable, this is our own technology hence it is very much stable. Updates of Whatsapp Business will not affect the operations.

WAB API is bi-directional, you can see replies sent by your customers and answer them. You can also implement webhook to process incoming text messages.

You get web.whatsapp access of Whatsapp Business account you host with us.

WAB API can not be used for bulk messaging and marketing, or any other promotional purpose. If you send unsolicitated messages in bulk and receiver mark you as spam, Whatsapp may ban your number.

The WAB API is NOT based on the WEB protocol, it is like hosting your Whatsapp Business Account on our virtual android device, which makes this system robust and reliable than others.

  • Important Note:

    1.You host your Whatsapp Business Account on our server in order to enable API, we give you API key which should be kept secret by you, as it very much important for API calls.

    2. Once you host your Whatsapp Business Account with us you should not use that number on another phone for whatsapp.You will have to provide six digit code sent by Whatsapp to you, to host your Whatsapp Business Account with us.