Frequently Ask Question

  • 1. can I send bulk messages using WAB API?

    Strictly No. It should be used to send transactional messages only, otherwise your number may get banned if users mark you as spam, or if WA detects that you are spamming.

  • 2. What is WABAPI?

    L WABAPI is Android Virtual Device based, cloud hosted Service for sending automated WA messages via web and REST API.

  • 3. Is WABAPI an official product?

    No. WABAPI is an automated and independently running service.

  • 4. Can I use WABAPI to read incoming messages?

    Yes. You can read Incoming Text Messages. Can also develop chatbot or interactive application.

  • 5. Can I develop a customized solution, like customer support Mobile App, based on WABAPI?

    Yes. Please Contact Us, we provide low cost customized solution development Services.

  • 6. Do I need Official Business Account?

    No. You just need a mobile number where you can receive SMS. Official Account is different kind of service which is more faster and supports large volumes.

  • 7. Can I get banned?

    It depends on how you use this system. If you send too many unsolicited messages, users can report you as an spammer, and your account could be banned. Note this would only happen under scenarios where you are massively sending unsolicited messages to users.

  • 8. Can I claim banning responsibilities?

    We are not responsible, if your number is banned.

  • 9. What is delivery time?

    Less than 40 seconds per message.

  • 10. What if target number is not registered on WA.

    Our system will still attempt to send the message, but message will not be delivered. The status of such a message will be 'failed' in Delivery Report.

  • 11. Can I send audio, video and word files.

    No. You can send any file format supported by whatsapp.

  • 12. Can I send messages to Group?.

    No. You can not send messages to group using API.

  • 13. Is there any status like pending or delivered is diplayed when I send message using API?

    Yes. Succesfull API call returns message id, that can be used to check the message status using status API call. Initial status is 'pending'

  • 14. How much time is required to setup an account?

    30 Mins.

  • 15. Can I became a reseller?

    Yes. Click here to inquire.